Online Learning This tool is an important aid for direct interaction and helping to understand that other people have different perceptions and perspectives.   Through project groups, video conferences and interviews via the internet borders can be overcome. This does not only mean the frontiers of foreign countries and continents, but also social boundaries. Thus the use of the internet enables an unique intercultural dialogue.

Workshops With our workshops in Israel / Germany we offer you: Intercultural meetings with youth groups, contemporary witnesses, school classes, journalists or institutions, which help to enrich  your subject    you are working on (on your study trip or as an e-learning module)

Connect The Israel Platform brings you together with just the right people We arrange meetings through which youth groups, school classes and adult groups have a basis that can be built on to form partnerships. We provide experts and contemporary witnesses from Israel and Germany with regard to selected topics, for example Middle East Conflict, jornalism, Judaism, Islam, politics and history. We arrange online video conferences and interviews for you  

Service Here we provide you with a variety of tools and advice for:

Travelling in Israel, financial support, reports on experiences with school partnerships, online learning, software, tools for video conferencing, learning platforms, events and projects.

Israel Reisen

Eine Reise nach Israel ist einzigartig, faszinierend, aufregend! Du warst noch nie dort?


Workshop "Zeitzeugenbegegnung" mit Überlebenden des Holocaust

Laden Sie Zeitzeugen in Ihre Schulkasse oder Jugendgruppe ein. Mehr>>


>>Rachel in Israel Der Comic für Erwachsene und Kinder erklärt in Kürze die Geschichte, den Alltag, die Geografie, das Judentum und Wissenswertes über Israel. (Herausgeber Botschaft des Staates Israel)

>>Israel in Bild und Text 2011.pdf (Herausgeber Botschaft des Staates Israel)

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